About Us

Neopoxy LLC is a leading manufacturer of infrastructure epoxy systems.

For decades, municipalities and private entities have relied on Neopoxy to provide dependable moisture-resistant epoxies for their most critical projects. Working in partnership with its international network of applicators, Neopoxy has rehabilitated water treatment facilities, manholes, tanks, tunnels, wet wells, clarifiers, pipelines, sumps, and lift stations. In addition to its work in the municipal sector, Neopoxy has extensive experience in the oil industry.

Neopoxy manufactures over 20 different epoxy systems, protective coatings, heat resistant CIPP resins, PVC adhesives, and other customized solutions. These products are able to withstand even the most extreme corrosive environments and can be applied using several different methods. They are also compliant with ASTM standards and perform at the top of the industry according to third party testing. Founded in 1973 under the name Chemtron Chemicals and Engineering, the company originally produced polyester resins for CIPP pipe linings. In 1996, the business model shifted to focus on the development and manufacturing of epoxy resins. The name Neopoxy followed shortly thereafter.

Today, Neopoxy LLC is more focused than ever on providing the same industry leading products and superior service that clients have trusted for nearly 50 years.

Concrete manhole section coated with NPR-5300 Series wastewater epoxy.


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