Protection and rehabilitation of wastewater infrastructure has been at the core of Neopoxy’s business for nearly two decades. NPR-5300 Series Wastewater Epoxy consistently ranks highest among competitors in strength, chemical resistance, and long-term durability. These specialized products have been used worldwide for a wide variety of wastewater projects, ranging in size from small pipelines to large wastewater treatment plants. Major infrastructure contractors and municipal engineers alike consistently turn to NPR-5300 Series Wastewater Epoxy for unmatched reliability.

Applications: Repair and protection of corroded or new manholes, sumps, wet wells, pipelines, vaults, tanks, concrete surfaces, exposed aggregate, cracks, and more. NPR-5300 Series Wastewater Epoxy comes in five different viscosities, making it suitable for nearly any epoxy application.


Concrete manhole section coated with NPR-5300 Series wastewater epoxy.
Neopoxy NPR-5300 Series wastewater epoxy used in a "Direct to Aggregate" application.
Neopoxy's NPR-5300 Series wastewater epoxy being sprayed onto new concrete infrastructure.
Pump station BEFORE coating with Neopoxy NPR-5300 Series wastewater epoxy.
Pump station AFTER coating with Neopoxy NPR-5300 Series wastewater epoxy.